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Flight Attendant's words: Top items to buy for safe traveling during the Coronavirus Time

"My workplace which is basically the Airplane is considered one of the high risk places of infection regarding the current pandemic situation." Flights, Pressurized air! Passengers, Narrow-range aircraft, Airports, Random places, Random people... Being a flight attendant I need layers of protection while working on the frontline of a pandemic crisis . The airline provides all the necessities when on duty – masks, several pairs of gloves which I wear on top of each other, coveralls, face shields, goggles, disinfectants. And I would like to share more options of some simplified yet necessary safe-care utilities. 1- Check out our Nano Cotton Reusable Masks with Changeable Filters:   Click Here or on the Photo Imagine, 14 hours in closed area, with compressed oxygen, in close contact with...

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Practicing Architecture Amidst the Coronavirus - Must have items to keep at the office.

As an architect, I spend most of the time at the office, working with bunch of papers, stationary instruments and computers, and daily attending closed meetings with engineers and clients. In the period of global pandemic and spread of Corona Virus, I find it obligatory even while practicing architecture to follow the norms of social distancing and hygiene.

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