Practicing Architecture Amidst the Coronavirus - Must have items to keep at the office.

As an architect, I spend most of the time at the office, working with bunch of papers, stationary instruments and computers, and daily attending closed meetings with engineers and clients. In the period of global pandemic and spread of Corona Virus, I find it obligatory even while practicing architecture to follow the norms of social distancing and hygiene.
We still need to keep working with precaution measures, especially in my case, where me and my colleagues share the same workspace, utilizing same work equipment, attending same place of public convenience. Analysing all this I came to the point that there are some essential items each one of us, especially people working in crowded worplaces should always carry to protect our health and prevent spreading the virus.
First, is definitely a Face Mask: 
It acts as a barrier and shield, and I would say, is a key protection. That’s why most public places today have such a strict ‘dress code’. Due our long working schedules I advice most of architects to wear masks made out of cotton. As cotton is smooth on the skin and makes it breath, it won't disturb you while keeping it on your nose throughout the whole day.
Second, Body temperature Contactless Thermometer:
Body temperature checkpoints at the main entrances I find crucial as well. To be aware of first symptoms of disease is a main step to prevent contamination of others. Thanks to modern technologies, we use very convenient handy device as the thermometer guns. Another advantage of such thermometers is that you can use it without touching the skin, a contactless secure way.
Third A Smart Watch to constantly monitor Temperature:
"Oh, by the way, the smartwatch I am wearing has this function too. I can monitor my body temperature whenever I want even after work outing with friends and the temperature gun is out of reach. After a long busy day, I would sleep peacefully on the pillow giving a last look at my smartwatch and making sure my temperature is normal ".
Fourth the Sanitizer Spray Diffuser:
To the must-have list I would also like to add sanitizers. People have a hand sanitizers with them all time, but I need to point out they forget about the surfaces they are in daily contact with – mobile phones, door handles, tables; in my case – keyboard, screen monitor, pen, paper and all the equipment I use at work. To disinfect the forgotten surfaces by most people, I use the spray diffuser. It is practical and easy to use, you can literally sanitize anything in 3 seconds and just with one click.
Following those simple steps I feel more insured and secured at work. I believe that everyone should take responsibility towards hygiene and safety regulations at work in the same way we are doing in public spaces, or bus stops, or restaurants. I am assured that if the same approach is also applied at work where we spend most of our lives, the number of infected people with Covid19 will drop dramatically, and the risk for arousing second or third waves of Corona virus will certainly be limited.
Bilal El Ghoul
Milan 16-09-2020

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