Flight Attendant's words: Top items to buy for safe traveling during the Coronavirus Time

"My workplace which is basically the Airplane is considered one of the high risk places of infection regarding the current pandemic situation."

Flights, Pressurized air! Passengers, Narrow-range aircraft, Airports, Random places, Random people... Being a flight attendant I need layers of protection while working on the frontline of a pandemic crisis . The airline provides all the necessities when on duty – masks, several pairs of gloves which I wear on top of each other, coveralls, face shields, goggles, disinfectants. And I would like to share more options of some simplified yet necessary safe-care utilities.

1- Check out our Nano Cotton Reusable Masks with Changeable Filters:  

Imagine, 14 hours in closed area, with compressed oxygen, in close contact with people. To wear all this armour on long transcontinental trip felt unbearable. After several experiments and long researches I found out that I can substitute polypropylene surgical masks by cotton ones. I still change them throughout the flight, but don’t suffocate as before. That would be more economical and eco-friendly too.

2- Check out our Nano Squeezeband to always carry sanitizer on your wrist wherever you go:

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Self-protection researches led me to another gadget which I found sooo helpful and cannot be happier purchasing it. Wristband sanitizer diffuser. Why humanity didn’t invent it before?! The disinfectant is always with me, regardless how busy my hands are or where I am standing in the aisles of the airplane. By single push on the wristband I get enough amount of alcohol to treat my hands. I refill the wristband approximately each flight or twice on long flights.

3- Check out our Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer, the fastest and safest way to measure temperature 

My job considers changing time zones, which causes me sometimes feeling uneasy and having headaches. I thought to get a thermometer gun to carry it every place I go, to keep myself updated and be sure that it’s not more than just post-duty fatigue. Most of the fellow cabin crew already have thermometer to check if they are fit to fly, quite a valuable thing in our routine.

4- Check out our Nano Spray Tech that uses NanoParticle technologie to sanitize anything in just 3 second:

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It also goes without saying how important the surface spray disinfectant is. We need it on all phases of the journey – to sanitize folded tables, trays, trolleys, handles, overhead stowages, to keep them always clean for users. This is an important procedure of eliminating virus contagion.

That’s basically top items I would recommend for travelers and not only for other colleagues as we are all facing they same obstacles while traveling

Stay safe and healthy!

Zuhra Arifhanova
Kuwait - 03-08-2020

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